Working in Germany

Working in Germany

Things to know before you start working in Germany.

Life will be difficult if you don’t speak German. The language barrier makes it hard to interact.

Legal Status
The legal position of chiropractors in Germany is not regulated and therefore not yet satisfactory. The DCG/GCA has made the quality assurance of the chiropractors practicing in Germany one of its most important tasks and wants to improve the professional level. Every single membership supports the DCG/GCA in this important task.

Most chiropractors in Germany are selfemployed. However, many clinics offer an employment. Whenever looking for or offering a job, we will happily support you with contacts and networking.

„Heilpraktiker“ Licence
For working here you need a decent knowledge of German and have to pass the complete non medical practitioner („Heilpraktiker”) exam.

Even though some colleagues managed to profit from regional exceptions, we always recommend to go for the general HP. The HP comes with a lot of rights and duties. Very positive is the almost completely open treatment spectrum in the area of nerve, muscle and joint problems that is important for chiropractors.

The physician’s privilege has a limiting effect in the preparation of radiographs. Here you can find a general overview about the exam:


Everyday work
The two most common forms of organization are Individual and group clinics. The working hours and treatment times vary and are individually compatible. The duration of a treatment session varies from 10 minto approx. 30 min.

For beginners, longer spans are often agreed to avoid unnecessary hustle and bustle.

Earning potential and deductions
An important but not easy to answer question. The range of income certainly differs but on average it is comparable to that of a private doctor in
Germany. The demand is much greater than the supply nationwide and it is
not known that a practice had to be closed due to missing revenue, to say
the very least.

Here you can find the latest job offers:


Absolutely necessary:

  • Employer liability insurance (secures against claims of patients in
    the case of an error)
  • Risk insurance cover
  • Health insurance (with sufficient sick pay)


  • Occupational disability insurance
  • life insurance
  • Private pension insurance
  • Private accident insurance

The DCG/GCA has a professional liability insurance with a large German
insurer. If you want to know more, please send us an e-mail.

Ausbildung & Qualifikation


Jetzt auch in Deutschland als Studium möglich!